Dyslexie Font

Lexie Mouse Publishing and Dyslexie Font B.V are working together to offer a new range of dyslexic friendly products.

Our products offer children with and without dyslexia the opportunity to learn from the same material, incorporating a new font called Dyslexie Font!

Please watch the video below to find out more!

The typeface Dyslexie is a revolutionary font, designed to simplify life for those who have dyslexia. Representative research among many dyslexics has shown that the font actually helps them to read texts faster and with fewer errors.

Dyslexie font is a unique font developed for people with dyslexia. People with Dyslexia treat letters as 3D objects; this can be a problem when reading.

There are 26 letters in the Western script, the design is often based on each other like…. ij, mn, vw…  So if we rotate, mirror or switch letter, then twin letter occurs, adding confusion to when trying to read… The Letters in Dyslexie Font have a bolder bottom, which makes them more distinctive. By lengthening the ascender or descender, the difference between the letters is emphasized. By widening the openings of the letter, the letters are easier to recognise. Some letters are slightly slanted to prevent them looking the same. The capitals and punctuations are bolder, so the text won’t be read as one sentence. Studies have shown this unique font benefits many people within the SEN and non-SEN sectors.

Lexie Mouse Design has incorporated this font into a wide range of children’s books and products, allowing SEN and non-SEN children to enjoy the reading process together!

The Designer Christian Boer

Christian Boer(1981) is a graphic designer and graduate of the Utrecht Art Academy. He first developed the Dyslexie typeface there as a final thesis project. A dyslexic himself, Christian set out to create a font that would make reading a less arduous task. After completion, the revolutionary font immediately caused quite a stir among the dyslexic community and in the international media.

Since winning the prestigious Smart Future Minds Award 2010 in Amsterdam, this media attention has only intensified. Among others, Scientific American, Euronews and Springwise have covered the font, In 2011, Dyslexie font won first prize at the Smart Urban Stage in Amsterdam, as well as being one of the most talked-about presentations at TEDx Dubai.

Dyslexie font was a finalist for the Fast Company Innovate Through Design Award in 2012 and went on to many highlights in 2013, including a nomination for the INDEX Award of Copenhagen and the first prize in the Rabobank New Generation Pitch.

“Dyslexie Font, the gateway to reading”