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At Lexie Mouse Publishing we offer a wide range of children’s books, brands and products incorporating a unique font, allowing all children to enjoy the reading process together, regardless of their ability to read.

Dyslexie Font, the gateway to reading

Our Children’s books are well-loved by young readers and parents alike. From the brilliant picture story books by Dean Wilkinson and Rebecca Morton and the quirky characters from the King Ken’s Kingdom series to the sensational SHEERLUCK series of books and the hysterical fun of The Fontby Times series of comics, we have something to suit every age and interest. Our highly successful list is written and illustrated by bestselling and award winners, such as Dean Wilkinson; Sue Chadwick; David Peet; Rebecca Morton and Joseph Keen to name just a few…

Launching April 2018

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Now children (and grown ups too!) can enjoy reading about Popcorn and his amazing adventures in a new series of beautifully illustrated story books!